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What is advocacy?

Advocacy is when someone supports you and helps you express your views and wishes, ultimately making sure your voice is heard.

How Centre for Resolution’s advocacy service can help?

How your advocate helps you is up to you. They're there to support your choices. 

For example, they can: 
  • Listen to your views and concerns
  • Help you explore your options and rights
  • Give you information to help you make informed decisions
  • Help you contact relevant people, or contact them on your behalf
  • Accompany and support you in meetings or appointments
  • Write letters on your behalf
  • Speak for you in situations you don’t feel able to speak for yourself
  • Support you to receive fair and equal treatment
  • Help you find services that meet your needs
  • If you wish to deal with the issue yourself we can give you pointers on self-advocacy
An advocate is independent and will represent your wishes without judging you or giving you their personal opinion, nor will an advocate solve problems or make decisions for you.

Benefits of using Centre for Resolution’s advocacy service

  • All of your information will be kept confidential unless life threatening
  • We provide professionals who are there to listen to you
  • Centre for Resolution will support you in being independent
  • Advocacy support is cost effective
  • Your in control of your support
  • Advocates will empower you and make sure your views and points are heard and understood
  • Flexible and reliable
  • We work at your pace
  • The support can be short or long term
  • Challenges inequality
Centre for Resolution’s services are tailor-made and bespoke to the individual and we make sure we work in a way that suits you. We understand the importance of getting to know you and what you want from the service.

Who Centre for Resolution’s advocacy supports?

Whether you have low confidence / self-esteem, anxiety, depression, struggle to put your point across or choose not to, Centre for Resolution provides professional advocacy support and will represent your views and wishes.  

We can also provide advocates that can support those who have experienced discrimination and exclusion due to culture, race, age, religion, gender and sexuality.

Centre for Resolution’s advocacy service is here to support you through the decisions that you make, as we believe you are the expert on your life.


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