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About bereavement coaching

Whether you have lost someone dear to you, separated from a partner, lost your business, drifted from friends and family or suffered a miscarriage they can all contribute to the feeling of loss. The feelings of hurt, uncertainty, loss, stress and anger are all natural responses and will pass in time. Acknowledging these feelings and allowing yourself to grieve is all part of the process to finding yourself again. 
We all react differently and cope in our own way some of us keep ourselves more busy than usual, others shut people out. Although this may seem out of character it is perfectly natural to behave differently during a time of loss. 

Centre for Resolution’s bereavement / life coaches understand that you will forever have your loss but it is important to allow yourself to grieve. Recognising the way you are feeling can help with the bereavement process. 

Grieving is a process that should be embraced. It is one that is positive and natural. The process is usually unsettling however we must not try to suppress our feelings as this can hinder our general health going forward. 

Remember it is small steps. 

Eventually you may notice that you are not thinking about the loss one day compared to the next. Do not worry this is part of the grieving process and you are starting to heal.  

It is not that you are forgetting what you have lost but that you are accepting it. For some people eventually they can look back and either remember the positive happy times they shared with the person they have lost or take away the past experience as a positive for the future.

How can Centre for Resolution’s life coaching help?

Our life coaches make no assumptions about what you feel, think or want. They will come to the sessions with an open mind and an ear finely tuned to listen. 

They will give you the necessary space to speak freely so you can explore your feelings and thoughts. In this process they will work with you on what you feel is preventing you from healing. 

Together you will work with one another to find your strengths, capabilities and aspirations.

Benefits of bereavement / life coaching

  • Life coaching can help you find direction, motivation and determination. 
  • It will help raise your self-esteem, confidence and empower you.
  • It is a space for you to offload, de-stress and refocus.
  • Life coaching will give you the opportunity to clarify your thoughts and feelings as well as reflect on them in a positive, open and transparent space. 
  • Together with your life coach you can find positive coping strategies.
Centre for Resolution understands that life can be difficult but with our help and support not only will you start to feel more positive but you will be able to set those all important goals to move forward in life.

All of our professionals are DBS-checked.
Bereavement Coaching
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