In most workplaces now, managers and supervisors are being asked to develop their coaching skills in order for them to manage and support colleagues and workplace relationships. Our 2-day coaching skills course is suitable for all colleagues, whether they are managers, customer facing staff or internal back office staff. Delegates have usually only ever been coached themselves and have never had any experience of having coaching conversations before.

In order for colleagues to be able to have coaching conversations they need to understand how they can bring about the best in people. The purpose of this course is to arm all colleagues with the skills to have coaching conversations in their profession. Delegates will find that once they have attended our training, they will use coaching skills daily and eventually it will become second nature.

It is often the case that people are tempted to provide someone with the solutions to their difficulties. Our coaching skills training will help delegates to guide colleagues to find their own solutions.

Some of the chief benefits of our coaching skills course

  • It improves communication
  • Can improve team morale
  • Provides a support network in the workplace
  • Improves productivity and emotional wellbeing
  • Better customer service experience
  • Can improve retention of employees

In our coaching skills training delegates will explore:

  1. The difference between Mentoring and Coaching
  2. The key coaching skills and competencies
  3. Skills Practice
  4. Psychological models and techniques
  5. How to manage difficult conversations
  6. Emotional Intelligence – Self-reflection, transference and projection
  7. Coaching models and theories
  8. Ethics, boundaries and self-awareness
  9. Stereotyping and unconscious bias
  10. What a coaching conversation looks like
  11. Relationship dynamics

Delegates will gain an understanding of what coaching skills are, when it is appropriate to use the skill set within the workplace and how to utilise coaching skills. They will also gain an understanding of many coaching and psychological models, gain an awareness of interacting with others as well as being able to self-reflect on their coaching styles. In most coaching courses the aim for delegates is to gain an understanding of coaching theories and competencies. Delegates are not often given the opportunity to practice these skills.

It is fundamental for delegates to be given the chance to develop their practical skills, which is why our course has a heavy skills practice element. After all those who attend will be using these coaching skills in their everyday working.

Our coaching skills for managers training gives you both the knowledge of theories and skills of coaching as well as the confidence to engage in coaching conversations.

Our methodology

Our coaching skills training course is tailor made to suit the needs of the organisation. Our trainers ensure that the needs of the delegates are met on the day of the training. They may include information or activities that are not usually included in the training for the benefit of the delegates.

Our trainers like to promote a fun, relaxed and interactive environment, where delegates feel they can openly discuss their ideas. They believe honesty and transparency is key for delegates to learn and internalise coaching skills and knowledge.

Throughout our training we use a variety of activities for delegates to engage in including scenarios, communication tasks, videos, demonstrations, role-play, group work and skills practice.

Our trainers bring their real life experience and allow delegates to reflect and engage in discussion with their peers.

Why choose our coaching skills training?

Our trainers are not just trainers, they are also practicing coaches and mentors, using their qualifications and skills daily. They have the best practical knowledge to give to delegates of how coaching skills work day to day.

Our coaches are also registered with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and are therefore able to provide delegates with up to date information about the coaching field, as well as current coaching standards.

Who is our in house training suitable for?

Our in house coaching skills training is suitable for all colleagues, not just managers, team leaders, etc. It provides them with the skills to have coaching conversations with other team members. Some organisations may select a few individuals from different departments, may wish to train whole departments or smaller organisations may wish for the whole organisation to be trained.

We recommend a maximum of 12 delegates per group. This is to ensure each delegate is receiving the required time to develop their skills, reflect and ask questions.

Next steps?

Either phone 01905 330055 to speak to one of our trainers or email to find out more information about our coaching skills training.

To read about the costs of our coaching skills training please visit our fees page. Where there is more than one group of delegates who need training, please contact us for a bespoke quote.

We currently offer other training courses for the workplace. To find out more please visit our Training Page.

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