Conflict Management Services

When problems and disagreements are ignored rather than being resolved, the outcome is inevitably things will stay the same or get worse.

Those who are in conflict need skills and strategies to enable them to engage in, manage and productively settle disputes.

Centre for Resolution provides a range of conflict management services including:

Civil Mediation – Civil mediation is the process where an impartial professionally trained mediator facilitates negotiation…

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Disability Mediation – Disability can sometimes be a difficult conversation for example between an organisation and an individual and this process can help…

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Workplace Mediation – Mediation is perfect for disputes between an individual and manager, disputes in a team or between…

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Family Mediation – Family mediation Worcester offers you the opportunity to settle family disputes and make difficult decisions regarding parenting and child arrangements, divorce…

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Family Mediation – Family mediation Gloucester offers you and your ex partner a safe neutral environment, where mediators can help you to figure out …

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Family Mediation – Family mediation Cheltenham allows both you and your ex partner to air how you feel and solutions that you feel may work

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Family Mediation – Family mediation Redditch and Bromsgrove is an impartial process that allows ex-partners or separating partners the opportunity to speak about…

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Family Mediation – Family mediation Malvern, Evesham & Pershore can help you when you’re splitting up from your ex-partner, you are getting a divorce, you need to sort out child arrangements and 

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Relationship Mediation – is for couples who would like to repair their relationship and stay together. Relationship mediation is where a mediator will facilitate the discussion between you and your partner about the issues ……

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It is important that everybody gets the opportunity to make their point of view. Often people are reluctant to verbalise what they want and as a result of this they don’t get what they want. Having a third party trained in conflict resolution gives all those participating the chance to have their views heard and their needs met.

When people feel under attack, misunderstood and victimized their judgments can become clouded. Sometimes leading to them becoming fixated on winning and forgetting what is best.

For conflict resolution to be successful one of the key elements is listening. This can be difficult for a variety of reasons for example there is one party that is dominant or another party perhaps has a lot to get off their chest. Our conflict resolution services are successful because we know how to manage the dynamics between parties and ensure everybody has an equal amount of time to speak and be listened too.

When communication has broken down and informal agreements are no longer working it is necessary to put something new in place. This is often difficult as we like to hold on to what was and change can be hard to deal with. Communication is most effective when those engaged demonstrate patience, self-control and empathy. This can be difficult if it is a work, family or civil dispute or you are connected to someone in some type of way, having a conflict specialist to support in this is invaluable as it can make sure that your point of view is heard clearly whilst ensuring communication with all those involved is as productive as possible.

A balance must be established between parties so that their interests are heard and met in order to find a mutual agreement that is acceptable to all those engaged.

When alternative conflict resolution is utilised there can be many benefits.

These include:

  • Saves time and money
  • Less time off work
  • Puts parties in control of the solution
  • Recognises and focuses on the issues that are important
  • Allows for flexible and creative solutions
  • Can repair and preserve relationships through effective communication
  • Can reduce the stressfrom time and cost
  • Sessions are private and confidential
  • It is reported that participants have a high satisfaction level when engaging in an ADR process
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All of our mediators are registered with the College of Mediators and all of our family mediators are registered with the Family Mediation Council.

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