What is conflict coaching

Conflict coaching is a service provided by qualified coaches that are also trained in conflict resolution, to individuals who are currently in conflict or may in the future be in a dispute.

Conflict coaching assists individuals in finding clarity with the conflict and the situation surrounding it. This then helps them to recognise their own needs and goals whilst understanding others, allowing them to explore their options for moving forward.

Conflict coaching develops individuals confidence in approaching and managing conflict at work as well as providing them with the skills to do so.

It can be used as a preventative to conflict that may arise in the future or support with current issues. Coaching can be used before, during or after a conflict has occurred.

Why use our conflict coaching service

Centre for Resolution’s conflict coaching merges executive coaching and mediation ensuring you receive a quality conflict coaching experience.

Everybody experiences interpersonal conflict at some point in their working life whether it is with team members, managers or HR professionals.

In most cases individuals ignore or unsuccessfully manage conflict at work often resulting in uneasiness and tension between team members, sometimes contributing to a toxic environment, reducing productivity. Ultimately this leads to high financial cost to the organisation.

This process can assist individuals in clarifying and understanding their complaint or dispute, prepares them for mediation, disciplinaries, investigations, formal complaints or litigation and can help individuals to explore their options and alternatives.

Benefits of using our conflict coaching

  • Increases confidence and competence to resolve conflict in the workplace
  • Helps individuals deal with customer complaints or aggressive behaviour
  • Works well alongside HR in supporting disputes within the workforce
  • Can assist managers through organisational change, crisis and conflict
  • Can support those who are reluctant to engage in mediation
  • Promotes effective communication
  • Can prevent escalation of conflict
  • Can save time, energy and money

Working with Centre for Resolution’s coaches

Here at Centre for Resolution we understand dealing with conflicts or disputes can be difficult. Unresolved differences of opinion, personality clashes and stress can create a toxic environment. We understand time is of the essence and that the quicker these issues are resolved the better it is for all those affected by it.

Our coaches will take the necessary time to understand the needs and wishes of those we work with as well as develop trust and rapport with each individual. To navigate these difficult conversations all of our experts are trained and experienced in executive coaching and mediation, ensuring that conflict is resolved sensitively, quickly and effectively.

We can help with the following:

  • Managing or working with ‘difficult’ people
  • How to approach and navigate difficult conversations
  • Negotiation skills
  • Managing differences and personality clashes
  • Working co-operatively and effective communication
  • Conflict between team members and departments
  • Inner conflict and motivation

We understand that conflict can be an every day part of working life. We see conflict as an opportunity to understand and identify individual, interpersonal and organisational differences and use this as a time to create positive communication, change and harmony.

Next steps

Either email, phone or use the contact us form to notify us of your query.

One of our friendly conflict coaches will aim to respond to you within 5 working days with a view of arranging an appointment to discuss your query further. In this conversation all questions are welcome and will allow you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the coaching process.

From there if you wish to go ahead with the service we will then arrange a time where your coach will meet with the individual/s or teams separately.

This is a great opportunity for each individual or team to discuss their current concerns and start to form the agenda of current issues they would like to resolve.

Our conflict coaching is available one to one, for teams or whole departments.

For more information about Conflict Coaching please visit our Fees page.

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