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How can Centre for Resolution help?

Here at Centre for Resolution, we understand that it can be difficult for an employee, who is disabled, to feel comfortable and independent whilst in the workplace. It can also be very difficult for the employer to know what to do. 

You may not know where to begin with an employee with a disability and the solutions that are available. Your employee is a valuable member of your team and given the right advice and guidance will not only make them feel independent but will allow them to feel comfortable, supported and will increase their performance.

Our coaches combine their experience in the disability sector and workplace coaching to bring organisations and individuals a unique service that will support disabled people in the workplace. 

Areas we can help you with

Having a disability can be mentally and physically draining, especially when you don’t have the tools, techniques and strategies to work at your full capacity. These three things alone can help with time management, stress prevention, increase motivation, productivity, self-esteem and confidence. 

Our workplace coaches understand the emotional drain that having a disability can bring. We work with you to make sure you have emotional support, so you don’t feel alone, you feel supported, gives you a place to de-stress and re-focus and allows you to air concerns in a supported environment. Without this support many disabled people in the workplace feel isolated. 

It is often the case in disability at work related issues that there is a lack of communication between employers, employees and colleagues, as disability can be a sensitive issue. We will bridge this gap by helping everyone to feel more comfortable and confident when discussing disability. 

We have extensive knowledge of other organisations that can also support employers and employees in the workplace. For example if an organisation needs a workplace assessment, if an individual needs personal counselling or available funding (Access to Work).  

It is not expected that employers and organisations are experts in disability however reaching out for the right support will help all those involved feel more supported. Our disability at work service is not limited to individuals. We can also support the organisation as a whole including colleagues and management. 

All of the above are a great way to help your employee manage their disability at work. Centre for Resolution believes this is the way to enable rather than disable but ultimately the key to a better and more inclusive workplace.

Benefits of Centre for Resolution’s disability at work

  • More confidence working with a disabled employee
  • Employee would feel more supported
  • Effective communication
  • Financial support for disability work place adjustments and adaptations
  • Can raise motivation, self esteem and confidence of the employee
  • Makes the workplace more accessible and inclusive
  • Creates effective ways to work with one another
  • Increased productivity
  • Correct guidance, advice and signposting
  • Access to a support network of experienced professionals
  • Promotes independence and empowers employees
  • Creates a cohesive work force
  • Gives employers an understanding of how to work with disabled people in the future
  • Creates a more diverse work force
  • Emotional support 
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Employees with disabilities don’t want you to hold their hand but do need to know you are there and you’re listening.

All of our professionals are DBS-checked.
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