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What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching is a relationship between the executive coach and the professionals they work with, usually for the benefit of increasing workplace performance and effectiveness. Executive coaching usually takes place on a one to one basis, however some organisations have a series of sessions, one to one, before entering into a group coaching session. 

The executive coach will facilitate the process in which you work together to identify stumbling blocks as well as personal strengths, uncovering effective ways in which to utilise your skill set to its full potential. 

How does executive coaching work?

The Centre for Resolution specialises in working with those in the workplace from individuals to organisations. 
We strive to help you with dispute resolution, time management, finding work / life balance, implementing strategies and meeting objectives. Our coaches have a non-judgmental approach and a neutral perspective allowing us to see the situation for what it is, enabling us to cut through anything that is regarded as unnecessary and focus on the core issues.  

The initial consultation is to discuss what you want from executive coaching, what your expectations are, the style of coaching and confidentiality. There are various different styles of coaching, some organisations prefer to have one to one sessions whilst others prefer to have group sessions. 
Centre for Resolution’s coaches also offer a hybrid approach, where some organisations have both one to one and group sessions. 

Executive coaching maximises potential whilst providing an expert who has the tools, techniques and experience to navigate what we call coaching conversations whilst keeping the process fun, challenging and solutions focused.

Who is executive coaching for?

Executive coaching is for:
  • Organisations
  • Employees
  • Managers
  • Senior managers
  • Employers 
  • CEO’s
  • Executives
Centre for Resolution’s executive coaching in and around Worcestershire is tailored to the needs of the individual or organisation that we work with.

The benefits of Centre for Resolution’s executive coaching

  • Effective communication
  • Can help you to focus on specific tasks
  • Can help resolve disputes 
  • Increased motivation
  • Helps you to get the work / life balance
  • Retention of employees is vital to businesses. 
  • Transformation of individuals, teams and organisations 
  • Can improve the effectiveness of individuals
  • Personal growth
  • Can improve organisational performance
  • Can help manage stress
  • Clearer decision-making
  • Achievable goal setting 
  • Improved working relationships
  • Improved management and leadership
  • Increased confidence and empowerment 
  • Greater commitment from employees 
  • Higher retention of key people who feel value
Ultimately executive coaching will instil confidence, empower and make those in the coaching process feel valued but will also positively enhance relationships between colleagues. 

All of our professionals are DBS-checked.
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