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What is family coaching?

Family coaching is a relationship between your life coach, you and your family. The life coach will help you to find and evaluate what is and is not working in the home, what you would like to change and how to fix identified issues and make positive changes. 

We know that living with others is not always easy even though they are the people we care about the most. 
Family coaching is used to start or restore conversations between you and your family. It is important for all family members to feel appreciated, loved, heard and safe.

In todays society that is extremely hectic it’s sometimes difficult to slow down and live in the moment. Today’s world is very different in comparison to the challenges we faced in the past. We simply have a lot more of them especially with financial strain, availability of drugs and alcohol, constant use of mobile phones and technology, just to name a few. 

We all feel the strain with the growing pressures for everybody to be perfect. It is unrealistic to be perfect all the time but we all have our part to play in making our family life better. 

Centre for Resolution’s family coaches have the tools and techniques to navigate the conversations between you and your family in a non – judgmental, calm and neutral approach. It takes time, effort and patience to reach your desired family life. 

When things are not going right we can all feel discouraged, disheartened and overwhelmed. By investing in coaching you are putting yourself and your family first enabling you to make positive changes to your home life.

How does family coaching work?

All of our coaching sessions are tailor made to suit each client. Some clients come for family coaching together as a family, alone as individuals or use the Hybrid Approach and attend some sessions together and some alone. 

Our family coaching sessions aim to provide you with the tools and techniques to resolve conflicts and maintain great family dynamics. 

Centre for Resolution’s life coaches will work with you towards building a strong foundation for you and your family by highlighting and reinforcing basic skills and concepts. 

Our family coaches act as an impartial third party soundboard to create a calm, safe and equal space for families to open up and speak freely. 

How can family coaching help?

The Centre for Resolution understands that every family has its problems, including dealing with a sulky teenager, trying to cope with a betrayal, separation or complex family disputes. 

Through time, patience and practice, great family dynamics is something we can all aspire to and achieve.

Here are a few benefits of family coaching:

  • Identifies current issues 
  • Engaging in effective communication
  • Chance to speak openly 
  • The opportunity to be listened to
  • Gives peoples different perspectives
  • Highlights positive characteristics of each person
  • Allows the family to explore areas of concern 
  • Can identify who is close and who is distant
  • Identifies challenges and stumbling blocks 
  • Resolve differences and conflict  
  • Can remove barriers and help set positive goals 
  • Provide accountability, focus and encouragement
  • Create a healthy loving environment for all
  • Provide a support system for families
With a little help and support from Centre for Resolution you can create a happier home. 

All of our professionals are DBS-checked.
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