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We have family mediation centres across Gloucestershire and Worcestershire. If you would like to find out where your nearest centre is please Contact us on 01242 896 338 for more information.

Advantages of Centre for Resolution’s family mediation

There are many benefits to using family mediation. The main benefit is that you get practical and realistic agreements in place for your child/children.

Mediation allows both you and your ex partner to air how you feel and solutions that you feel may work. Entering into court proceedings may not allow you to do this and may actually make arrangements for you and your ex partner which may not benefit either of you.

Mediation is also a great sounding board as you and your ex partner will have guidance from someone who isn’t emotionally involved and can therefore help you and your ex partner reflect on the current and future relationship.

If you are discussing your arrangements (custody, residence or contact) for your children, the process is much more flexible than going to court. This is because when a court decides what is best for your children they don’t take into account the future and when your child grows up, whereas in mediation you can always attend a session in the future which can alter the agreement to suit the age of the child in terms of practicality. For example if a child is attending an afterschool club at the age of 5 they may not be attending the same after school club at say 12 and therefore the agreement would need to reflect this.

If you were to attend court before mediation it would be likely that the court would dismiss your case and refer you to mediation.

To find out more please call us on 01242 896 338.

What is the family mediation process?

The mediation process is relatively short when compared to the family court process.

When you contact our family mediation service in Cheltenham we would then invite you to a first meeting known as a MIAM – mediation information assessment meeting. In this meeting we will discuss the issues you would like to bring to mediation, the alternatives to mediation, the potential outcomes of mediation and it would also give us the opportunity to explore any questions you may have. You would attend this MIAM on your own or with moral support.

After the MIAM we would then invite your ex partner to attend their own MIAM. If your ex partner agrees the MIAM will take place. Once this has been completed we would then arrange for both you and your ex partner to attend a first joint mediation session. The sessions usually last one and half hours and this is the opportunity for you and your ex partner to discuss finances, children etc.

After the mediation sessions are completed and you have reached an agreement, we would then send you a copy of the agreement. You can then take the agreement to a solicitor who can then make it legally binding. However if you and your ex partner cannot reach an agreement the mediator would sign a MIAM Certificate which would allow you to make an application to the court.

What is family mediation Cheltenham?

Family mediation is the process that ex-partners may attend before, during or after the break down of their relationship. Mediation can be used no matter where you are in legal proceedings and you don’t need to be in legal proceedings to access it.

Family mediation is to help ex-partners come to a mutual agreement about children, finances and child maintenance payments. It can also be useful for parents to discuss communication going forward and what this might look like for them. Family Mediation can also be for grandparents, teenagers and stepfamilies.

At each mediation session there would be a family mediator present who is there to ensure that both parties are able to give their thoughts and feelings about the matter being discussed. Both you and your ex-partner can’t make an agreement without it being mutual beneficial to you both, as in it has to be agreed.

The mediator is impartial, they cannot take a view or represent you or your ex partner. Mediation is also confidential, information discussed in the sessions can’t be shared with anyone unless there is a risk of harm to a person or child and it is voluntary which means that you choose to be there. Because mediation is voluntary means that when you and your ex-partner attend mediation you both want to come to an agreement and move on from the past.

Family Mediation Costs

Family Mediation costs vary depending on your income. Some people who are in receipt of certain benefits will be eligible for legal aid. Legal aid can fund your mediation sessions in this instance. 

We will discuss the cost of mediation with you before it takes place and can provide an estimate of the costs overall taking into account your current situation. The average amount of sessions it takes to complete mediation is 2-3, however some people depending on the complexity of their situation and their willingness, may need more or less sessions.

The cost of taking part in mediation can be significantly lower than engaging solicitors to collect the information and negotiate for you. The average cost per client for mediation was £675 compared to £2,823 for cases going to court.  This in an average cost saving of £2,148.

For more information on the costs of family mediation Cheltenham please click here.

Family mediator qualifications

All of our Cheltenham family mediators have received training in the family mediation specialism by accredited mediation training providers. Our mediators also provide civil, disability and workplace mediation. All of our mediators are registered with and approved by the College of Mediators and the Family Mediation Council.

Our mediators also have mentoring and coaching backgrounds and have many years of experience in providing community based support.  

Frequently asked questions

‘’I don’t have children. Can I still use mediation?’’

Yes, you can attend mediation if you don’t have children. We have many clients who use mediation to sort out finances when going through divorce, to find out their options when their relationship is reaching the end or to have an open and frank discussion with their partner about their future. We are not a counselling or therapy provider, but mediation can still be very effective in these circumstances. Our mediators are here to ensure that both you and your ex partner are listened to and heard and also to make sure that conversations between you both are equal and respected.

‘’Can my new partner attend family mediation with me?’’

A new partner could only attend the first meeting, which is known as a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting. Because you and your ex partner are trying to reach mutual agreements it is not beneficial to have new partners present during the joint sessions as it can prevent you and your ex partner from reaching an agreement and could potentially cause tension. If you are concerned about attending a joint meeting with your ex-partner you could raise this with your mediator and they will explore shuttle mediation, where you and your ex-partner would be in separate rooms.

”Do I need to attend mediation when I just need the MIAM Certificate?”

You would need to attend a mediation information assessment meeting in order to obtain your MIAM Certificate either for your Form A or C100. There are only a small amount of cases where individuals do not have to attend a MIAM before making an application to the court. Once you have attended a MIAM the mediator would then provide your ex partner with the same opportunity to attend a MIAM. If they do not wish to attend a MIAM then we would send you a MIAM Certificate.

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All of our family mediators are registered with the Family Mediation Council and the College of Mediators.

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Please note you will not be able to enter the office unless you have an appointment.

Our address is 3 Wolseley Terrace, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL50 1TH. Phone number 01242 896 338. You can only access Wolseley Terrace by foot and you may struggle to find us on maps.

On Foot: Centre for Resolution Mediation is approximately 0.3 miles from Cheltenham Town Centre. From the high street walk down Rodney Road, which is located between Lloyds Bank and Barclays. When you reach the traffic lights go over the lights and take the immediate right. There is a car barrier. We share the building with The Isbourne, so keep an eye out for this name when trying to find us.

By Car: If using Rodney Road Carpark (GL50 1HT) please follow the steps On Foot to complete your journey as you cannot drive to the centre.

Parking: There is no parking on site. Please use Rodney Road Carpark which is opposite Woselsey Terrace. It is a pay and display car park. We don’t have parking on site, but the Rodney Road car park is just across the road from our building. The postcode for the car park is GL50 1HT.

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