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This course is an introduction into what self-employment entails and things to consider when deciding whether to become self-employed. 

Our course will enable delegates to consider all aspects of self-employment, ask questions and gain an insight into what self-employment may look like for them. 

The course is delivered by experienced course leaders who are here to answer all questions honestly and openly. 

Do any of these statements apply to you...

  • Applying for job after job and getting nowhere 
  • Lack of flexibility in your current job
  • Managers and colleagues who fail to understand your disability 
  • Your disability prevents you from getting a job
  • A job that doesn’t take into account your child care responsibilities or your carer commitments 
  • The lack of appreciation you receive from colleagues and managers 
  • Not being able to make your own decisions
  • Feel like your living to work rather than working to live 
  • Your shift pattern interferes with your family time

Then maybe our introduction to self-employment course is for you...

The course will inform you:

  • How to use the social media most relevant to your business
  • How to market and brand your freelance services for maximum impact
  • Where you can find the funding to be your own boss
  • The benefits of being self-employed, and how to avoid many of the downsides
  • Important considerations when creating and developing a business website
  • What an effective business plan should include
  • How to get the best out of yourself in self-employment 
  • How to present yourself as a representative of your brand

What we want you to take from this course

From experience, we know that having your own successful business is empowering and liberating. It provides you with financial independence, and just as importantly a sense of achievement and flexibility. These are particularly rewarding when these are experiences too often denied to you.

Our aim is for you to complete this course feeling inspired, and with the tools and confidence to move your concept forward.

We are passionate about what we do, and about encouraging more people to do the same, whatever barriers are placed in your way to overcome. We want to share our entrepreneurial passion with you, our drive and enthusiasm, and to give you the practical knowhow that will help you to achieve your own business ambitions.
Setting up a business is never easy, and we don’t pretend that it is. Our aim is for you to walk away from our self-employment course with all the information and support you need to take the leap, whenever you feel ready, into being your own boss.

Who are the course leaders?

This introductory course to self-employment is devised and delivered by Ryan Compton, the Founder and Director of Centre for Resolution and Daniel Williams (Visualise Training and Consultancy). Ryan and Daniel have over 15 years of business experience between them, which they now use to help others on their journey to self-employment.

They set this course up because they have a passion for business but most of all there was not much in the way of support for those who wished to set up as self-employed. Both Ryan and Daniel have disabilities, in which they have faced multiple barriers. By overcoming these they have been able to uncover many ways to problem solve, which is an extremely useful tool in business. Their experience is invaluable and they wish to share their knowledge with you, to equip you with the necessary tools to be successful in your new self-employment ventures.

Ryan is a professional mentor and coach, with a level 5 Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) qualification in mentoring and coaching and is a qualified family, civil and commercial mediator. In his time in business, Ryan has set up and run both private and not for profit organisations. Ryan utilizes his skills of mentoring and mediation to resolve conflicts and help people to reach their desired goals. He brings his solutions focused approach to business in a realistic yet approachable way. His natural enthusiasm and passion makes him an engaging course leader. 

Daniel runs a thriving training and consultancy business and is passionate about advocating for disability rights and opportunities. Having studied sight loss rehabilitation at degree level and business, he now provides training and advises organisations on embracing disability inclusion. In his professional role he has experienced many of the barriers to employment, and self-employment, that people face. Daniel has also supported many people in setting up their own businesses. His enthusiasm coupled with his hands on approach makes him not only an asset to the businesses he supports but a well-rounded course leader. 

Is self-employment for you?

For more information about self-employment please fill out the contact form below and one of our course leaders will get back to you or alternatively contact us on 01905 21717 or


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