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Life Coaching

Do you ever find yourself asking any of the following questions?

  • How can I better manage my time to achieve what I want?
  • How can I ensure that I have a better work life balance?
  • How could I perform better at work?
  • How can I create or maintain relationships?
  • How can I become more motivated and confident?
  • How can I reduce my professional or personal stress?

These are just some of the questions people ask when they are considering life coaching.

So what is life coaching?

Life coaching will help you set, reach and exceed personal / professional goals. Your life coach will empower you throughout the work that you do together. During the process you will look at specific areas of your life and together you will discover what your challenges and barriers might be and how to overcome these. Ultimately the coach will work alongside you by focusing on specific tasks, leading to your desired goals.

Coaching helps you to discover your potential so you can achieve the life that you want.

How does life coaching work?

Usually people achieve their coaching goals in as little as 3-10 sessions, however the process is completely flexible and some people choose to have more sessions. Our coaching is tailor-made to suit each individual.

In your initial consultation we will take a general overview of your life before we establish the areas you are most unhappy with or want to improve on.

By investing in coaching once you will take tools, techniques and transferable skills away for life. Everybody deserves to be happy and confident whether it’s your personal or work life. By working with Centre for Resolution you’ll make fundamental changes to yourself.

Centre for Resolution’s coaches use considered, insightful and specific questions in combination with robust models, methods and techniques to support you in finding clarity and focus, remove barriers and unlock your capability to take the next step.

Life coaching can support you with a variety of things for example keeping to a diet, coming out of your comfort zone, giving you the confidence to speak up for yourself personally and professionally or delivering a speech or presentation.

There are no limitations to the goals you can achieve in life coaching. One of the key components to life coaching is commitment. Your life coach would ask that you commit to the process but this is a two way process in which your life coach will commit to providing the best support for you.

Life coaching promotes positive thinking to encourage growth in your personal and professional life. We get rid of the negative thinking such as can’t or won’t and help you break down this barrier in order for you to achieve success.

We believe you are in control of your destiny. Life coaching provides the opportunity for autonomy and choice and where this will lead to, you decide.

Areas we work in

  • Business
  • Family
  • One to one personal coaching
  • Bereavement
  • Relationship

Benefits of Centre for Resolution’s life coaching

  • Raises confidence and self worth / self esteem
  • Clearer understanding of career goals
  • Helps with the work / life balance
  • Helps you manage grief, loss, sadness and change
  • Identifies how your own needs can be met
  • Positively contributes towards healthier friendships and relationships
  • Identifies who you are, where you are and where you want to be
  • Allows you to focus, de-stress and clearly reflect
  • Can make you feel more positive about yourself, others and life
  • Can give you clarification on what you want from life
  • Our life coaches are understanding, non judgmental and are there purely for your benefit

Our coaches are not just qualified coaches, they have an arrange of qualifications and experience bringing you a tailor made approach to provide you with a service that fits what you need.

Sessions can take place via the telephone or Skype.

Questions people sometimes ask

‘’Is coaching the same as counselling?’’

Coaching is not the same as counselling nor is it the same as therapy. Counselling and therapy mainly focus on the past whereas coaching focuses on the present and the future. All approaches are similar in that they want to help you find and create a life that you want as well as being able to identify what is holding you back.

A coaching relationship is one that is challenging. The coach will ask questions that help you get down to the root cause. Similar to that of a counsellor’s a coaches role is there to provide you with empathy, understanding and support to enable you to move forward.

‘’What qualifications do coaches have?’’

Our coaches all have Level 5’s in Mentoring and Coaching provided by the Institute of Leadership and Management and have a variety of expertise and experience in supporting communities, families and individuals.

Our coaches are also registered with the European and Mentoring Coaching Council, who have strong policies around ethics, ongoing training and standards of practice.

”How much does Life Coaching cost?”

The cost of life coaching is dependent on how many sessions you may want. For more information please visit our Fees page.

If you have any questions or queries we haven’t answered above or just want to know more about our Life Coaching services in Worcestershire, contact us.

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