Centre for Resolution offers two courses in mediation, a 2-day mediation skills training or 5-day foundation level mediation training.

Our 2 day mediation skills training is our most popular mediation course, which is ideal for those who wish to develop their mediation skills, but don’t wish to be a qualified mediator.

For those who wish to develop their skills further and become an accredited mediator you may wish to attend our 5 day foundation level mediation training. Our foundation level training is accredited and approved by the College of Mediators.

If you would like to find out more about our foundation level mediation training please contact us.

Mediation Skills Training Course Content

Our 2 day mediation skills training covers:

  • What is mediation – the five stages
  • The benefits of mediation – personal, employee/employer relationships, health and welfare
  • The business case for mediation
  • Understanding difference in conflict
  • Recognising when mediation is appropriate
  • How to become a mediator
  • Skills & Characteristics of a mediator
  • Skills practice
  • The mediation process
  • Models & theory
  • Confidentiality & Safeguarding

Who should attend our Mediation Skills Training Course

Whether you are a HR practitioner, manager, CEO or an employee that engages with customers on the front line, this course is perfect for you. This course gives delegates many of the necessary transferable skills to have better conversations and when necessary to support with conflict. This course is especially good for those wishing to integrate structured mediation skills into their existing roles.

Many people are unsure about how mediation skills can support them at work. Mediation skills can be used in multiple job roles including doctors, health and social care employees, teachers, local authorities, police and ambulance services etc.

How would our Mediation Skills Training benefit your organisation

Conflict within every occupation is natural. It is not conflict that is the barrier but how we handle this conflict, that can make or break the reputation of a company. This training supports better conversations and creates healthier workplaces as employees and customers feel supported.

Managers are more equipped and confident in handling disciplinaries and grievances after having mediation skills training, but these mediation skills are also a cost saving mechanism as you settle disputes and conflict much more effectively and quicker than escalating disputes to litigation.

These mediation skills reduce toxic environments, harmonise work forces contributing towards increased productivity. Additionally mediation skills increase positive communication, which also aids the retention of employees further saving time and money.

About the trainers

All of our trainers are active mediators and experienced trainers. This allows delegates to ask specific questions and soak up the knowledge our mediators have.

Our trainers are from diverse professional backgrounds and are able to adapt their approach to suit the delegates learning style. Backgrounds include coaching, legal, equality and diversity. To find out more information about our trainers please visit Why Choose Us.

Best practice is key, which is why our mediators constantly review feedback and evaluate their training alongside other practitioners to ensure best quality. All of our trainers are also registered with The College of Mediators.

Our training style is one that is fun and engaging. We recognise delegates have different learning styles so we utilise a variety of learning methods including videos, case studies, personal experiences, research, role-play and group activities.

Frequently asked questions

”If I attend mediation skills training does this mean that I am a mediator?”

Attending mediation skills training does not mean you are a qualified recognised mediator. To become a qualified mediator you will need to attend our foundation level mediation course.

”What if I want training that is not the same specification to the two courses listed above?”

All you have to do is get in touch and one of our mediators/trainers will design the training to suit your needs and explain the various options available.

”How much does mediation skills training cost?”

For the cost of mediation skills training course please visit our fees page. If you are interested in us providing a tailor made course then please contact us for a quote.

We can deliver the training at your location or we can source a suitable location near you.

If you would like to know more about our training please contact us.

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All of our mediators are registered with the College of Mediators.

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