If you are experiencing conflict with another party or parties, you can use mediation to help you to resolve the dispute and reach an agreement that everybody is comfortable with.


You could be:


  • A workplace, employee or colleague,
  • A service provider or customer,
  • Family in divorce and separation cases,
  • Family including grandparents, or other family members,
  • Business to Business,
  • Couples who are going through a difficult time.


Our mediators are experienced to carry out many variants of mediation ensuring that they are the best fit for you. If you are unsure about your particular situation or would like to discuss if mediation is for you, please book a consultation.


Our mediation process is not one that is pressured or rushed, allowing you to make clear decisions. We will minimize conflict and ensure that all parties involved are able to discuss how they feel and ways in which they feel they can move forward. Our mediation experts are here to support you.

Here are a few examples of the benefits of working with Centre for Resolution

Effective Communication

Effective Communication

Our mediation service will help to reduce conflict and help parties to communicate more productively. When barriers are reduced, an agreement is more likely to be reached and upheld in the long run.

No grey areas

No grey areas

Our mediation service will help you to iron out all of the issues that you and the person/persons involved are experiencing. Ultimately providing you with a solid agreement that is clear and minimises future conflict.

Quick response & resolution

Quick response & resolution

Our team will ensure that your case is dealt with as soon as possible, providing you with appointments that are suitable for you.

We provide you with


A team of mediators and administrators who will help to guide you through the mediation process smoothly

An agreement that will be produced at the end of mediation (where applicable)


Follow these three steps to engage in mediation

Step 1

Book a free call with a mediator

Step 2

Explain the issues you are experiencing to the mediator, and they will help you to explore your options

Step 3

The mediator will schedule your mediation for a time that suits all parties involved

“I would highly recommend Centre for Resolution… myself and my ex-partner now have a suitable arrangement in place for my daughter thanks to mediation with Centre for Resolution!! Couldn’t be happier!”

– Zena R

“I found Centre for Resolution’s mediators very helpful. They even accommodated my busy work schedule and only contacted me at times which were convenient.”

– Sally R.

“I would highly recommend using Centre for Resolution for mediation, as they bend over backwards to remain impartial, but get the best outcome.”

– Boots.

“When you know you have been treated unfairly it is easy to get emotional, however the calm demeanour of the mediator positively influenced the atmosphere during the mediation.”

– Rebecca S.

Same day appointments available


In some of our mediation services we have the option of same day appointments. Please call us at our central office on 01905 330055, to speak with a mediator to see if you can book a same day appointment.

Questions our mediators are usually asked


‘‘What is mediation?’’

Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), whereby the mediator facilitates the process in which two or more parties attempt to reach a mutual agreement.

Most civil, commercial and workplace mediations can be concluded in one day with a high success rate. Relationship & Family mediation can take between one to six sessions.

Mediation is becoming more popular and is one of the quickest growing forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). The courts are also actively encouraging this form of conflict resolution as it is time and cost-effective, it empowers individuals and gives them control of the outcome.

Mediation can be used before, during or after court proceedings.


‘‘Why should I use a mediator?’’

Our trained professional mediators are non-judgmental and remain impartial, ensuring that all parties who engage in alternative dispute resolution access a professional service. Centre for Resolution’s mediators understand the importance of listening and give you the necessary space to reflect on what is being said.

The mediator can talk to both sides separately or together, if both parties prefer.

Our mediators are not here to give any advice, including legal advice, although we do suggest if you want to have legal representatives or support from other specialists to make those enquiries.


‘‘How will mediation benefit me?’’


  • It is a more cost-effective method of reaching an agreement than going to court
  • It is completely confidential
  • An agreement is reached faster with mediation than it is in court
  • The participants are in control of the outcome
  • It can take place at a location and time that suits the participants
  • The process is voluntary allowing either of the participants to terminate the mediation at any time
  • The process is without prejudice so if settlement is not reached case can still go to court without other party using it as evidence
  • Both parties share the cost


Contact us for more information about our mediation services in Worcestershire.


‘‘Is mediation a regulated method of alternative dispute resolution?’’

There are regulatory membership bodies that mediators register for including the Family Mediation Council, Civil Mediation Council, College of Mediators, Resolution, The Law Society, Family Mediators Association & National Family Mediation. These bodies ensure that mediation standards and best practice are being upheld by mediators from a wide range of backgrounds including family, civil, workplace, Special Educational Needs & Disability. All mediators must abide by the code of conduct/code of practice, must have been on extensive training, and have sufficient experience in the field to be registered with the regulatory membership bodies. All mediators in their membership must also complete a minimum set of continued professional development every year. So, although there isn’t statutory regulation of mediators, all of our mediators follow the guidance and best practice of the regulatory bodies.

We have mediation centres located across many parts of England & Wales. To find your nearest mediation centre or to see if a mediator is near you please call us on 01905 330055 and our staff will be more than happy to help you with your enquiry. For civil, workplace or disability mediation our mediators can come to a venue near you or provide mediation online.