What EMCC is about

The European Mentoring Coaching Council (EMCC) is a non-profit making, independent organisation which promotes coach and mentor excellence across Europe. Its UK arm currently has a membership of approximately 1,500 coaches and mentors across all UK coaching organisations, institutions and private training companies.

A little history

Founded in 1989, the aim of the council was to create a common, Europe-wide code of conduct and business practice for the then formative professions of coaching and mentoring. The original founders were all either coaches or mentors, or involved in the training of coaches and mentors; they wanted to create a shared framework of ethical standards which would guide the profession and those studying within it, promoting universally recognised training and qualifications.

Exponential growth

Initially founded by practitioners from just a few European states, the organisation has expanded its remit to the point that it is now pan-European, with members in more than twenty European countries. The UK arm of the organisation was founded in 2004.

Code of ethics 

The EMCC Code of Ethics is available for download through the organisation’s website. It covers in detail important coaching and mentoring issues such as integrity, confidentiality, cultural sensitivity, legal and statutory obligations and duties, with on going professional development.

Qualifications offered

The European Mentoring Coaching Council offers the European Individual Accreditation (EIA) award for practising UK counsellors and coaches. The EIA is awarded at four levels: foundation, practitioner, senior practitioner and master practitioner. It is renewed every five years through re-assessment. If you are a coach or mentor, a provider of coaching or mentoring services, or are simply thinking of developing a career within coaching and mentoring, then this is a benchmark qualification to pursue.

The EMCC’s four pillars

Support and supervision 

The EMCC aims to effectively support its members and develop their professional knowledge by listening to and understanding their concerns and professional challenges; they also provide the training and support which can fully develop their potential. The organisation encourages interaction through open forums, and supervisor feedback, which enable it to constantly refine its services.


The ethos of the EMCC is to work inclusively with all members, encouraging the sharing of expertise and good practice as a means of developing the profession. The open forum allows for complete transparency and is a conduit for professional collaboration and networking.


The EMCC looks to build on its leading role in developing coaching and mentoring services within Europe, evolving professional practice with innovative approaches and pan-European partnerships.


The EMCC Code of Ethics, Competency Framework, and European-wide qualifications work with the single aim of raising professional standards within coaching and mentoring provision.
For more information about EMCC, you can make contact through their website www.emccuk.org, by email at info@emccuk.org or call member services on 0845 123 3720.

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