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What is student support mentoring?

Mentoring support is the process in which an individual provides professional guidance, advice and personal support to students throughout their education. It is a very effective empowerment tool that is becoming ever more popular, as it’s success is being recognised. 

A quality mentoring relationship is key to maximising potential and having greater success not only in education but also in their future. The relationship between a mentor and a mentee is one based on mutual trust and respect. 

Research shows that students who engage in a mentoring programme are more likely to feel supported, attend further education and secure their desired career. 

Student support mentoring can boost your confidence, motivation and drive to succeed. It can also be a chance to explore your issues, opportunities and what you want in life, creating a deeper self-awareness. 

About Centre for Resolution’s student support mentoring

Here at Centre for Resolution we understand that studying whether at school, college, university or any other educational environment, can be an extremely stressful, draining and difficult time. 

Everybody’s journey is different which is why our mentors are flexible in their approach.

Some people use a mentor to off load, de-stress and re-focus whilst others wish to create coping strategies, get advice and find motivation. 

Our mentors are non-judgmental, giving you the freedom and opportunity to speak openly and express your thoughts / feelings in a confidential environment. Our mentors can also be used as critical friends in times of seeking advice and decision-making.

Centre for Resolution’s mentoring is person centered and tailor made to suit each individual we work with.

Benefits of having student support mentoring

  • Access to a support system
  • Clearer understanding of academic and career plans
  • Exposure to diverse perspectives and experiences
  • Effective communication
  • Improved quality of work
  • Time management
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Creating Strategies
  • Exploring freely and in confidence
  • Higher attendance
  • More positive and focused
  • Rapport with someone who is non-judgmental and empathetic
Mentoring is about getting support for your own learning and development, wherever you are in your life. 
All of our professionals are DBS-checked.


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